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How to choose a boat anchor?

Anchoring requires the use of a marine anchor. This device is used to stabilise your vessel on the seabed. The material exists in several forms and the shapes vary according to the type of boat and the seabed in which they are located. So how do you choose an anchor for your boat?

Types of anchors

Boats have permanent or temporary anchors depending on their construction. The first type consists of a block of stone or concrete attached to a chain. They are mainly used on large ships and buoys. Temporary marine anchors are suitable for modern ships and come in several forms. These differ according to the type of bottom and the size of the boat.

The flat anchor consists of two equally spaced points that allow it to be fixed to sandy or soft ground. This type of equipment is easily stowed away when embarking, however, it does not re-anchor if it is dropped. Anchors also come in the shape of a ploughshare. Their range of action really takes its name from the fact that they attach to rocky ground. Grabs are used on rocky or seaweed-covered bottoms. Finally, floating anchors are used as a safety device to handle docking manoeuvres and to stabilise the boat in bad weather.

Which anchor to choose for your boat

L’boat anchor the anchor is used to counteract the weight of the vessel while at anchor. The anchor must have a mass proportional to that of the vehicle to maintain stability. A table of correspondence presents these measurements in certain product catalogues. The calculations are based on the weight of the vessel and its displacement. For example, a boat of about 4 m has a displacement weight of 300 kg, so an anchor of 3.5 kg is suitable. A 6.5 m boat with a mass of 1000 kg uses an 8 kg anchor. As the size of the vehicle increases, the mass of themarine anchor also increases.

Anchors are attached to the boat by means of a chain. The chain must also be of adequate length to provide horizontal traction when anchored. The diameter of the material also varies according to the size of the boat. To find out the best chain to choose, refer to the table above. A 4 m boat uses a 6 mm diameter chain, the same for a 6.50 m boat. The diameters range from 6 to 10 mm and increase with the size of the boat.

Other criteria for use

To ensure boat mooring, all equipment must remain in good condition. The weather conditions influence the choice of the chain to be used. The chain should be 3 to 5 times the depth of the water. During a high tide, the calculation must be made taking this into account. The choice ofmarine anchor to be used also depends on the wind conditions, as some materials can easily become detached under high pressure. Therefore, the anchor to be used should be appropriate not only to the size of your boat, but also to the type of bottom and the climatic conditions of the anchorage area.

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